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The Success Formula 
22nd-Feb-2006 01:46 am
The Success Formula

Is change possible? a lot of people will tell you it isn't (especially the ones who've had a lot of practice with failure). And there's something to their pessimism: The biggest setback to sticking to an excercise plan, or quitting smoking, or starting a new chapter in your life, is the idea that we've failed in the past, and hence, we're doomed to fail again. But let me propose a new concept: Failure is not an option, failure is a prerequisite.

Those who achieve success are not those who never fail; they are those who learn from failure and move on. Pete Carroll was laughed out of the NFL before he became the most dominant coach in college football; Donald Trump was seeking bankruptcy protection before he made his real-estate fortune. These aren't men who said, "Well, I think I'll sit on the couch, wallow in guilt and misery... oh look! Jerry Springer is on!" They changed. Guilt can have you bend over backwards and make you become your worst enemy.

This is the first time in a very long time where I am inviting change in my life. I'd like to clean out the cobwebby spots, suction off useless flab and strive to be the best person that I can be. But as much as I hope, forces align themselves with the same old same old. It's almost like an echo of the force of gravity. Hollywood marriages pubilcly fall apart, politicians continue to spit out the same lies, Shaquille O' Neal still can't make a free throw.

Then again, USC are beatable. And with that thought comes another realization. I can't remain stuck in this moment: rather, I am just 4 weeks away from the beginning signs of spring. And 4 weeks can turn out to be a magical length of time. Spring delievers the developments of my new beginnings.

But to attain this habit, another concept arrives: "Forgive and forget." I tend to think this means forgiving others - those who "trespass against us," But the sins and trespasses I most need to forgive and forget are my own. They stand in the way of achieving true greatness. Change isn't possible, it can arrive by the time pitchers & catchers arrive for their Spring training camps.

Through my pain, my door has opened for revival.My goals, my ambitions, my dreams. Success is my only option. Not only for myself, but for my father. A man who gave the world to me.

This is my success formula.

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22nd-Feb-2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
Well said...
You're stronger than you give yourself credit for.
8th-Mar-2006 04:41 am (UTC)
Pablo. I've enjoyed reading your point of view in life. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. You are as strong as you can be. You make your success formula anything you want. Looks like you've found it.
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