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Subsitution Near 
21st-Feb-2006 01:47 pm
The olympics couldn't come at a perfect time in my life. Usually i don't watch any primetime programming these days. Shows such as: American Idol, Lost, 24, C.S.I....etc just don't appeal to me. I'll probably give The Apprentice another shot in a few weeks but I wouldn't put any money on the fact that i'll follow through with it.

My couch potato life revolves around fútbol (socker for you white folks). Games, highlight shows, even fútbol related T.V shows from Europe (such as Dream Team & Footballers Wives). I bet you didn't even know that we get BBC America. The only problem is, there's only so much fútbol I can take. Even with the growing coverage the game is getting in the States. Which leaves a gap in my home life to be filled in between doing homework & going on the computer.

This is where the Winter Olympics come into play. I have always been a big fan of the Olympics (Summer & Winter). Even during the days of the Dan vs Dave commercials back in the 92' games. I specifically remember watching those with my older brother. This time around not only have I enjoyed watching the games, but in a sense I have needed to enjoy such a sporting spectacle. The passion, drama, athleticism.... I love it all. It has kept my mind occupied during this difficult time in my life. It's also great that I have someone to talk to about it all. Traci has becoming somewhat of my Olympic watching buddy, since she watches just as much or more of the games than I do.

I have less than a week to continue to enjoy the Winter Games. Soon enough I will have to find another substitute to keep my mind racing. Will I give shows such as C.S.I a chance? or even give into the craze of LOST? I doubt it. In any case, there's a Borders about 10 minutes away.
8th-Mar-2006 04:36 am (UTC)
I miss it! day after day, non-stop competition!! Looking forward to the summer games now.
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