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Life After 
27th-Mar-2006 12:44 am
It's almost as if a feeling of guilt ran through my body today.

The L.A. Galaxy held a fan fest over at the Home Depot Center today. The day was filled with watching the team practice, games & trivia, merchandise/equipment sales, autograph sessions & stadium/locker room tours. You can imagine it's the perfect environment for a fan to enjoy themselves but for me, it was just different. Through the mist's of taking pictures, meeting & greeting the players, I had to pause, soak in the moment & think about how much my father would of enjoyed coming to this.

My father & I over the years enjoyed watching the Galaxy games. Next Saturday is opening day for the L.A. Galaxy. I have my season ticket all set & ready to go. The only thing is, going to the stadium just won't be the same for me anymore.

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24th-May-2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
hi.. i have a new user name.

add me!!!!

Miss talking to you!!!!!!!!!1

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